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Frequency converters compact units


Frequency rectifiers in modular design of the type series UNIDRIVE SP – 0.37 kW to 1.9 MW for regulation of AC motors (asynchronous / synchronous) 200 / 400 /575 / 690 Volt

  • AC and servo drive with high performance
  • Network re-feeding operation

As a compact unit, Unidrive SP is a ready-to connect frequency converter as single drive for installation into a control cabinet. The units are easy to install and, due to their uniform operating structure, they are easy to put into operations. Unidrive SP is the ideal drive converter for a number of applications. Due to its universal structure, it can be configured on the operating unit by means of simple parameter modification for the following operating types:

  • Open Loop mode (U/f mode)
  • Open Loop vector mode
  • RFC mode (rotor flow regulation)
  • Closed Loop vector mode

  • Servo mode

  • Re-feeding operation

Unidrive SP (1-6) has 3 terminals (SP0: 2 terminals) for additional option modules, a universal transducer input, front-side mod bus operator interface, a removable operating unit and a stable cable connection with grounding point. With its many internal properties and over 25 different option modules, Unidrive SP can be adjusted individually for your application.


Due to its high flexibility, the possible application areas of Unidrive SP are almost unlimited. Its internal intelligence and the dynamic response behaviour make it suitable even in the most challenging applications. Its compact dimensions make the converter the ideal solution, not only for new applications, but also in the area of retrofitting for retroactive installation, for instance for energy saving.

Typical applications include:

  • High speed applications
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Lift and elevator drives, stage technology
  • Paper and cellulose machines
  • Energy saving for fans and pumps
  • Textile machines
  • Processing machines
  • Printing machines
  • Packaging
  • Rubber and plastic processing
  • Metal generation and processing
  • Ship building
  • Test bench technology

Special advantages of Unidrive SP converters

  • Universal structure and high flexibility due to the installed terminals for option modules protects your investment for many years. Functions are individually installed as needed. This keeps cost and complexity within limits.Due to the uniform operating structure, the user is easily familiar with the converters.
  • Unidrive SP is easily configured and can also be operated as active supply on the generator side with adjustable capacity factor. This reduces the content of harmonic waves, feeds excess braking energy back into the network and this way contributes to energy saving.
  • In many cases, internal programmable control and logic functions can take over the functions of external components and replace them. This saves space in your control cabinet and reduces costs.
  • Unidrive SP can be incorporated easily into automating systems via one or several field bus option modules. Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CAN, CanOpen, SERCOS, LonWorks and Interbus are available.
  • Rotor flux control – RFC, a standard feature of Unidrive Sp, provides properties similar to closed loop operation for asynchronous motors due to stable regulation of torque and rotational speed.
  • Its compact design and reduced weight is achieved by improved thermal construction and by use of brake chopper with low losses (IGBTs) and a firm housing from SMC duroplast.
  • The standard integrated function “safe stop" replaces hardware components and reduces system costs.
  • Ethernet connection allows world-wide access to any converter for configuration, monitoring and fault rectification.
  • Performance and reliability of the product has been proven in hundred thousands of world-wide applications.
  • Suitable for all valid network voltages: 200 V, 400 V, 575 V and 690 V.
  • Staff in the world-wide drive centres of Control Techniques are highly competent in the field to provide expert support at any time.
  • World-wide certifications, including CE and UL.

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